Cypriot Cuisine

One of the best reasons to rent villas in Paphos Cyprus is the chance to sample the local Cypriot cuisine - or even cook it yourself!

Cypriot cooking is a homely, substantial style of cooking, with the emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, and plenty of taste without much fuss. However, if you just stay in a hotel in Paphos, chances are you'd eat very little of this style of cooking.

Choose one of our villas for rent in Paphos, and a whole new world opens up, from stocking the fridge from local vegetable markets, to enjoying the friendly atmosphere of the best local restaurants that many tourists never even know exist. A hire car from Paphos Villas will help you carry all those delicious ingredients home, and save you money on taxi fares to mountain restaurants too.

Cypriot Or Greek?

Meze from Cypriot Cuise - A Must-Try during Your Paphos Villa Holiday Cypriot cuisine is different to mainland Greek, but you'll recognise many favourite dishes. Try to eat these at smaller restaurants away from tourist areas, and you'll get the best flavours and prices.

Probably the best value meal you'll find will be a meze, not a single dish but a selection of up to 20 smaller ones, usually including grilled meats, fish, and vegetables. It's a great way to taste a whole variety of dishes, and again, the less touristy the restaurant, the better the meze. Typical dishes include grilled haloumi (goat's cheese), dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with savoury rice) stuffed courgettes, olives, tahini (sesame dip), hummus rich with oil and garlic, and small fried fish, all served with a simple salad and village style bread.

Cypriot Full Kebab If you've never tasted a Cypriot full kebab, it's a tasty treat of frilled meat with herbs, from sausages to baby lamb chops. Souvlakia are skewers of lamb or pork, roasted on a spit and often served with rice. Supermarkets also sell trays of pre-made meat skewers for you to cook back at your Paphos rental villas - delicious.

A favourite amongst locals and holidaymakers alike is keftiko, lamb slow-roasted to mouthwatering tenderness with vegetables and herbs. Proper moussaka is a joy, where layers of potato and aubergine, mince and white sauce combine into a dish that is never heavy but always satisfying. Equally tasty is afelia, a stew of pork and coriander seeds, or keftedes, fried meatballs.

Surprisingly, fish is neither cheap nor abundant in Cyprus, and many fish dishes in restaurants are made with frozen fish or seafood. Dishes using frozen fish should be marked, but ask your waiter if you're not sure.

Buying Cypriot Food in Cyprus

The local shops and main Paphos supermarkets all carry local produce, so you can stock your Paphos rental villa fridge with local diary produce such as yogurt and cheeses, and still support Cypriot farmers. Look out too for smoked meats, fresh fruit and a bottle of local wine, and you've got the perfect picnic for a day a local Paphos beach. Stock up on bottled water, too, as it's much cheaper to buy in bulk.