Scuba Diving in Paphos, Cyprus

Cyprus is a perfect destination for scuba diving with warm sea temperatures, good visibility and low pollution levels. So, leave the pool at your Paphos rental villa behind for a day and venture below the waves to explore wrecks, reefs and marine life.

Learning to Scuba Dive in Paphos

Holidaymakers learning to scuba dive in Paphos The shallow seas off Paphos are perfect for beginners, and many local dive schools offer beginner classes as well as escorted dives for certificate-holding divers. There's lots to explore, including wrecks of modern ships, cliffs, walls, coral colonies and the local fish, including grouper, eels and cuttlefish. You may also encounter a sea turtle swimming lazily to lay her eggs in the beaches of the Akamas Peninsula.

Scuba Dive Schools in Paphos

Look for a PADI approved dive schools in Paphos, where you can be sure of high standards of tuition and equipment. With an introductory session, you can learn the basics and dive in the sea within a day, and the school will provide all the equipment you require, including wetsuits. Be aware that the offshore winds off Paphos pick up in the afternoons, so always take a morning dive session unless you are a good sailor!

Shore Dives near Paphos, Cyprus

Most dive schools are based at or near hotels in Paphos, just a short drive or taxi ride from our rental villas in Paphos. Chances are, your first beginner dive will be at the ancient Roman Wall in Paphos harbour, at depths to just 6 metres, or perhaps at Cynthianaa, with its rock formations. Further afield, you can dive off White Beach to The Maze, a series of gullies down to 11 metres, or Moray Cave and the Amphitheatre, just off Coral Beach.

Shipwreck Dives near Paphos, Cyprus

The Vera K was a Lebanese freighter that ran aground just 20 minutes from Paphos harbour. After being used for army target practice, the wreck now nestles in its own crater 11 metres down, and is home to a variety of wildlife.

The White Star wreck site was created in 2006 when a Russian freighter sank as it was being towed to Limassol to be scrapped. The wreck lies at 19 metres, and again is now home to a variety of native fish species.

Zenobia Wreck Artist Impression The most famous wreck of them all, involves a drive to Larnaca, and then a short 15 minute boat trip. The Zenobia was a modern car ferry that sank just outside Larnaca harbour on its maiden voyage. A computer error caused a ballast tank to flood, tipping the ferry onto its side and sinking it. The wreck was then towed and scuttled further out to sea, where it now lies in up to 42 metres of water.

Other Dives Sites near Paphos

Every dive school has its favourites, and their suitability depends as much on the weather and seasonal storm damage as personal preference. Janchor Reef has plenty of marine life, while The Valley of the Caves features large, non-taxing overhangs. The Manijin dive site has various levels for various dive abilities, caves and an archway, while the Mismaloyia reef is a good place to try and spot sea turtles. The Amphorae Caves has caves, one of which has amphorae encrusted into its roof, while the Sea Caves site has ancient terracotta pottery littering the seabed at just 7 metres.