Fishing in Paphos Cyprus

Fishing in Paphos Cyprus Any one of our holiday villas in Paphos make a perfect base for a fishing holiday in Cyprus, as you can fish all day and cook your catch at night!

Sea Fishing / Sport Fishing in Cyprus

You might expect the waters around Cyprus to be teeming with fish, but actually this is not the case. Cyprus lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, away from the nutrient-rich waters that wash in through the Straits of Gibralter. Locals also say that the reduction in fresh water from the Nile since the construction of the Aswan Dam has also had an impact. Low nutrient levels means low plankton levels, which in turn means less fish.

However, this has its good side. There are fishing fleets in Cyprus, but they are not vast commercial outfits, but local fishermen catching local fish. So, at the moment, there is sufficient fish stock for all.

Charter Fishing Trips in Paphos

Various companies offer charter fishing trips from Paphos or Latchi, with the opportunity to fish for gilthead sea bream, groupers, amber jacks, sea perch and mullet. The sports fisherman in Cyprus should look for boats offering deepwater fishing for larger fish such as shark, swordfish, tuna, dorado and barracuda. Both full day and half day fishing charters are available, as are evening fishing trips.

Sea Fishing Licences in Cyprus

If you just want to cast a line with a rod from the beach, you do not require a licence. Equally, if you like spear-fishing with snorkel (not aqualung), you will not require a licence. However the following types of sea fishing do require a sport fishing licence:
• speargun fishing with an aqualung
• speargun fishing at night with lights, without aqualung
• net fishing without a boat
• boats with either fishing nets, long lines or traps

Freshwater Angling in Cyprus

The problem of water shortages in Cyprus may require you to be careful with your water use in your Paphos villa for rent during the summer, but the problem has become an unexpected bonus for freshwater fishermen in Cyprus. Back in 1969, the Dept. of Fisheries started experimenting with introducing freshwater fish to the reservoirs and lakes created to supply fresh water during the summer, and now there are superb opportunities to fish for trout, bass, carp, catfish, and pikeperch (zander) in Cyprus. The Fisheries Dept of Cyprus sell a handy colour guide to all fish found in the reservoirs.

You will need a licence to fish in inland waters, which can be bought for a fee from the Dept. of Fisheries. All licences are personal and non-transferable, and only available to those aged 12 or over. The licences are either for one particular dam area, or for all dam areas, and last until the end of the year in which they were issued. Night fishing is not permitted, and you are only allowed one rod and line, with one hook. Limits also apply to the minimum size and number of each species you can catch per day.

For more details, see the website of the Cyprus Freshwater Angling Association, which also lists which dams are open for fishing -