Telephone, Electricity, Taxis, & Tipping on Your Paphos Villa Holiday

Your villa in Paphos should have everything you need for a great Cyprus holiday, but you should bring your own hairdryers, electric razors, etc, and your mobile phone.

Telephones in Cyprus

Using Mobile Phones during your Cyprus Holiday Very few Paphos villas for rent have an active phone line, so bring your own mobile phone for any calls you might need to make. Make sure your phone is activated for use abroad (sometimes called international roaming) BEFORE you leave the UK - you can't activate it from Cyprus. Since the EU ruling in 2009, mobile phone companies now charge a single rate tariff across all EU countries, including Cyprus. Calling home from south Cyprus on your mobile phone will only cost 37p per minute, and receiving a call will cost 10p. However, using your smart phone to access the internet in Cyprus can soon mount up, with charges of 85p a megabyte. If you want to use the internet, a Paphos internet café will be cheaper than using your phone.

Cyprus public phone boxes all operate using a phone card, which you can easily buy from local shops.

Electricity in Your Cyprus Paphos Villa

Electricity in Cyprus is 220/240 volts, the same as in the UK, and most modern buildings including our selection of Paphos villas to rent, have the UK familiar three square pin sockets.

It is usual for you to pay locally for your air conditioning or heating in any Paphos holiday villas, as the amount you might use depends on the time of year you go and how many are in your party. Some of our villas for rent at Paphos Villas do offer free air conditioning, and if not, we show that cost upfront.

Paphos Taxis

There are three types of taxis available in Cyprus:
• urban taxis with meters
• rural taxis with no meters
• transurban taxi share services

When you stay in one of our villas for rent in Paphos, you'll usually use an urban taxi. These 24 hour taxis are perfect for short trips in an out of town if you don't want the hassle of driving, or finding a car parking space. Urban taxi drivers will set their meter running from the moment you enter the cab, and their rates are fixed according to the time of day, and if it is a public holiday or not. Rates are higher between 8.30pm and 6am, and there are extra charges for waiting time or luggage weighing more than 12kgs.

For transfers between your villa and Paphos airport, always book your taxi transfer in advance. Our taxi transfer rates at Paphos Villas are very competitive, and you can book your taxi and pay before you leave, saving you time and stress at Paphos airport.

Tipping in Cyprus

If you've decided on one of our villas for rent in Paphos, the only time you'll need to worry about tipping is when eating out. Some restaurants in Paphos add a 10% service charge. If you want to tip extra for good service or an exceptional meal, feel free but don't feel obliged.